What Sets Us Apart

Healthy Mouths and Beautiful Smiles

Orthodontic treatment is more than straightening teeth to change a person’s appearance. The best orthodontic care creates a bite that protects the teeth, establishes optimal oral health, and delivers a lifetime of confident, natural-looking smiles.

For over 25 years, Dr. David Cummins has provided leading-edge orthodontic solutions, ensuring each of his patients achieve their healthiest, most becoming smile!

He and the Cummins Orthodontics team are committed to high-quality orthodontics and a fully personalized treatment approach. We want you to achieve an incredible smile, comfortably and efficiently, and to enjoy every step of the process!

What’s Different at Cummins Orthodontics?

Dr. Cummins has pioneered a technique to close the space for missing teeth in the bottom jaw while simultaneously correcting an overbite.  Closing space in the bottom jaw is traditionally avoided because it makes the overbite bigger.  This technique is a “game changing” treatment option that allows the patient to avoid the substantial cost of placement and ongoing maintenance of implants and crowns without compromising on results. Dr. Cummins’s technique was featured in a case study manual that teaches orthodontists around the world about the effectiveness and versatility of a new Herbst appliance design in treating patients with overbites. Dr. Cummins joined orthodontists from New Zealand, Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, Colombia, as well as California, Oregon, and Maryland in contributing to this publication!

  • Board Certified Care. Dr. Cummins is Board Certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. Only 1 in 4 orthodontists achieve the certification, and it requires years of post-graduate study and practice. Dr. Cummins needed to complete a challenging written exam, rigorous clinical exam, and a demanding peer review before being awarded this designation. He has the extensive knowledge and skills to ensure you achieve your most amazing smile!
  • Evidenced-Based Orthodontics. Dr. Cummins is a proponent of evidence-based care. He will thoroughly diagnose your clinical needs and learn your personal concerns before designing your treatment plan. He utilizes his years of experience, incorporates the latest, proven research, and factors in your wishes into the plan, with a focus on delivering function and stability, as well as a beautiful smile.
  • Extensive Training. Dr. Cummins has extensive training in the use of Temporary Anchorage Devices which allows for tooth movements that were not possible before, and can also be used to avoid the substantial cost of placing and maintaining implants and crowns.  We place these revolutionary treatment aids in our office, eliminating the need for our patients to go to a separate office, saving them valuable time!
  • Patient-Centered Care. Dr. Cummins will review the proposed treatment approach with you, explaining what he recommends, why, and what to expect. He will also discuss all other treatment options and answer your questions. An informed patient is best able to make knowledgeable decisions about treatment: this is your smile and you are in charge!
  • Personalized Attention. Dr. Cummins is the only doctor in our practice. He will see you at every visit. The team will provide progress updates, and keep you engaged and informed throughout your braces experience.

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Choosing orthodontic care is choosing to make a lasting change in your oral health, as well as your smile. As treatment involves an investment of your time, energy, and finances, you need to understand your clinical concerns and all appropriate treatment options.

Just as important, you need to select a doctor and team that make you feel welcome, heard, and secure, knowing they have your best interests at heart.

We welcome the opportunity to meet and talk about your treatment desires and how we can help you achieve them. Please contact our Bellingham, WA orthodontic office and schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Cummins and our team, today!

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